Your College List is the most important factor when deciding where to go!

Even if you have done all the right things like financially planned ahead, correctly filled out the financial aid forms, your child has good grades, participated in clubs and community service, wrote an amazing entrance essay, all of these thing will still come secondary to the single most important factor..... Starting with the RIGHT list of schools for both you and your student!

The right college list will point you in a direction for paying the least amount of money possible and still getting a great education for your child based on their interests and aspirations without having to bare the burden of expense student loans.

The financial costs of starting with the wrong list can total tens of thousands of dollars resulting from:

  • Taking longer to graduate which means higher out-of-pocket college costs and maybe even more debt, for both YOU and Your Student!
  • The high cost associated with transferring to another school with respect to lost aid and credits
  • Changes of major which delay the graduation and income earning
  • Attending a school that won't provide enough, if any, financial aid or scholarships to help offset cost.
  • Needless college visits, wasting time and money on schools that aren't a good fit for your student or your finances


Your College Lists helps you choose which college to attend wisely!
Your College Lists helps you choose which college to attend wisely!

Watch our video about the benefits of College Planning and how we can help!

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Personal Interviews with Parents & Students


Illuminate the expectations of both student and parents. There are many factors that go into choosing a particular college or university: academics, social and financial

Short Assessments


The student will take three short assessments, which will help point to the best colleges and career paths for them.

  • Do What You Are: Learn about your child's personality type and discover careers that may be a good fit.
  • Multiple Intelligence Advantage Assessment: Based on the idea that not all students learn the same. Discover your child's strengths.
  • The Learning Style Inventory: Find out how your child learns best to improve their grades and productivity.

Academic Capital


Utilizing your child's GPA, standardized test scores and high school transcript (also known as their "Academic Capital", we will use this information as currency to trade for tuition discounts.


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